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The Visit
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 12/24/16

***Spoilers Ahead, Most Definitely*** I was so into this movie I swear if somebody would've came up from behind & poked me while I was watching it, I would've jumped.Even though I have a couple complaints with The Visit, this is my favorite M. Night Shyamalan film.I've seen them all & hated the others except for this one.I LOVED the hide & seek scene underneath the house & what happened after.I couldn't help but laugh.Also the scene where the boy & girl hear some noises late at night, investigate, the boy opens the door &......... *Jesus Becca, I'm going blind* How can you not laugh at that?! My only complaints would be the forgiveness scene.It felt totally unnecessary & should've been left out & only added as a deleted scene.I think The Visit should've ended with the back of the cop car.If it did, The Visit would've ended perfectly.My other complaint would be the final rap scene.Another thing that was unnecessarily added at the end.Other then that, The Visit was a great horror movie that just straight up CREEPED me out from start to finish.I would tell anybody & everybody to see it.Even better, watch it with the lights off, late at night but Most of all, turn it off after the scene in the cop car

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