The M.O.W.'s Movie Reviews

Movie Reviewed Type Rating
Silverado - Slow, typical Western Critical 2.5/4 View
Hoosiers - Could have been better Critical 2.0/4 View
Groundhog Day - Repetiveness gets boring, pretty funny though Full 2.5/4 View
Gotcha! - Not a great spy movie Critical 2.0/4 View
Ghostbusters 2 - An almost perfect, yet very slimy, seqyel Critical 3.0/4 View
Coneheads - A comedy for all Blunt-Skulls Critical 2.5/4 View
Cherry 2000 - Pretty Lame Critical 1.5/4 View
Akira - A strong B+ movie overall Full 3.0/4 View
Carlito's Way - A pretty good movie Critical 3.0/4 View
The Bounty (1984) - Slow, with weak performances Critical 1.5/4 View
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain - Barely good for adults Critical 2.0/4 View
Simon Sez - This one had potential, but has many problems Critical 2.0/4 View
Bugsy - Has its ups and downs Critical 2.5/4 View
Monster House - Great animation, adults may see it as a comedy Critical 2.0/4 View
Kids World - Not really for adults Critical 2.0/4 View
Bewitched (2005) - Imaginative retelling, but not real funny Critical 2.0/4 View
Company Business - Not the best spy movie Critical 2.0/4 View
Code Name: The Cleaner - Not as funny as one would think Critical 2.0/4 View
The Woman in Red (1984) - Could have been a lot funnier Critical 2.5/4 View
Commando (1985) - A pretty good action movie Critical 2.5/4 View
The Lost Boys - Not the best vampire movie Critical 2.5/4 View
Stargate - A bit slow, but still pretty good Critical 2.5/4 View
Moon Over Parador - Some good chuckles with a good cast Critical 2.5/4 View
United 93 - Lags frequently Critical 2.5/4 View
The Cowboy Way - Worth a few laughs Critical 2.0/4 View
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