JLFM's Movie Reviews

Movie Reviewed Type Rating
Anastasia (1997) - A Perfect Disney Duplicate Full 3.0/4 View
Driving Miss Daisy - One of the Sweetest Things I've Ever Seen Full 3.0/4 View
Fred: The Movie - The Most Grating Film Ever Made Critical 0.5/4 View
The Sting - Easy, Forgettable Fun Full 3.0/4 View
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 - The Worst of the Worst Critical 0.5/4 View
Singin' in the Rain - Forgettable Songs Hinder An Otherwise Fun Film Critical 3.0/4 View
Charade (1963) - Fantastic Script and Lots of Twists Critical 3.5/4 View
Oz the Great and Powerful - This isn't a film; it's a product Critical 2.0/4 View
Jack the Giant Slayer - An Underdeveloped Disaster Critical 1.0/4 View
And Then There Were None (1945) - Inferior to the Novel, but Still Entertaining Critical 3.0/4 View
Catch Me if You Can - Breezy Fun, and Surprisingly Touching Critical 3.0/4 View
Apollo 13 - Suspenseful, and Satisfying Critical 3.0/4 View
The Forbidden Kingdom - Gimmicky, Cliched, and Just Plain Stupid Full 0.5/4 View
Finding Neverland - Magical and Enchanting Critical 3.5/4 View
Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva ( Eiga Reiton-kyôju to eien no utahime ) - Flawed Film, With a Beautiful Ending Critical 2.5/4 View
Source Code - Had Potential, But It's Ultimately A Mess Critical 1.5/4 View
The Lion King (1994) - Not Disney's Best, But Delightful All The Same Critical 3.0/4 View
Stardust (2007) - Unintentional Laughs is Stardust's Strength Critical 1.0/4 View
Napoleon Dynamite - Teenagers Will Love It, Everyone Else Should Run Critical 2.5/4 View
Muppet Treasure Island - Dull and Unfunny Critical 1.5/4 View
Driftwood (1947) - Sweet, if Formulaic Critical 3.0/4 View
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - The Best Lord of the Rings Film to Date Critical 3.0/4 View
Lincoln - One of 2012's Best Offerings Critical 3.5/4 View
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - Another Dreamworks Dud Critical 1.5/4 View
I Am Legend - Worth Seeing For The Atmosphere Alone Critical 3.0/4 View
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