Dark Vengeance 9's Movie Reviews

Movie Reviewed Type Rating
The Collection - A Lazy and Disappointing Sequel to a good film Quick 1.5/4 View
Dredd (2012) - 80s Mainstream is now Cult Classic Quick 3.5/4 View
The Dark Knight Rises - Arguably the Worst Batman Yet Full 1.5/4 View
Defendor Quick 1.5/4 View
Observe and Report - Controversial and Extreme but Absolutely Classic Quick 3.5/4 View
The Phantom (1996) - Light but Fun Superhero movie Quick 3.0/4 View
Underworld Awakening - Very Fun and Action Packed but Flawed Quick 3.0/4 View
Rocky III - The Funnest Rocky Film Full 3.0/4 View
Halloween 3: Season of the Witch - Not Halloween, but Good Horror Film Full 3.0/4 View
Undisputed II: Last Man Standing - Great Fighting Film, Try It Out! Full 3.5/4 View
Alien 3 - Very Unique Monster Movie and Good Ending Full 3.5/4 View
Captain America: The First Avenger - Stars and Stripes for the Family Full 3.5/4 View
Cobra (1986) - Classic Stallone Film Full 4.0/4 View
Jason X - A Fun Simple Slasher in Space Quick 3.0/4 View
Beowulf (1999) - Silly Martial Arts Movie but Lambert is Awesome Full 3.5/4 View
The Postman (1997) - Best and Worst of a Cult Sci Fi Film Full 3.0/4 View
Gettysburg - The Ultimate History Buff Film Full 3.5/4 View
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man - A Good Buddy-Action Movie, Way Underrated! Full 3.0/4 View
Arn: The Knight Templar ( Arn - Tempelriddaren ) - Kind of A Swedish Braveheart Full 2.5/4 View
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