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A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method is a generally positive movie experience, a bizarre historical drama, with deep psychological aspects in its dramatic situations. The script is based on a play and a book. The drama has to do with the beginnings of psychological theories established by two psychologists: Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, that play out against the background of European history and culture. The deep psychological aspects include heavy doses of psychological jargon and concepts as part of the action and dialog. The conflicts between the main characters are based on the psychological concepts. Even the supporting characters -- the staff at the psychological clinic -- are players in the conflict that is based in the psychological concepts. …

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A Dangerous Method 3.0/4 2.6/4

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 04/02/12 at 02:16 PM CT

On the subject of Sister My Sister, I actually found it on Netflix instant streaming and I actually remember having seen it years before (one of the cable stations I'm sure) and also remember being based on a true story of the Papin sisters (had to look that one up). Reality is truly stranger than fiction. It's quite the twisted film, but then I have a somewhat twisted mind, so it works out in the end.

Chris Kavan - wrote on 04/02/12 at 02:13 PM CT

I'm have quite a selection of Criterion DVDs and the one thing they do right is extra features. There was actually a whole documentary included with The Tin Drum that went into the Oklahoma censorship story. I personally found it a bit frightening how far the state was willing to go in order to "protect" innocent minds - you know, from an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed film.

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