New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases to Crave: Always a Bridesmaid, Only Occasionally a Dumbo

By Chris Kavan - 09/20/11 at 10:50 AM CT

One of the year's most surprising hits makes its debut and Disney opens its vault for business once again.

1) No doubt that Hollywood was happy that Bridesmaids did so well. While Hangover: Part 2 may have had the bigger final gross, Bridesmaids got all the glory. It was a female-driven R-rated comedy - almost unheard of - but week after week audiences showed up (much like current box office star The Help). This is one I want to check out only to see how well it stands up to some of my favorite comedies.

2) Disney once again graciously opens its "vault" and introduces a new high-definition transfer of Dumbo in time for its 70th Anniversary. I rank Dumbo somewhat in the middle for Disney films. Granted its a good film, I just don't think it ranks amongst Disney's best. Still, if you're a fan of classic animation, it should be in your collection.

3) The Criterion Collection offers two new films this week as well. Both are from director Claude Chabrol: Les cousins and Le Beau Serge. I admit I don't know a lot about Chabrol, other than that these films are apparently the start of the French New Wave. Like most Criterion releases, you can find commentaries, documentaries and supplemental material. If this suits your style of film, you won't find much better out there.

On the Blu-Ray front, I was never a fan of The Others, though many people consider it one their favorite horror films. If you want it in high definition, here's your chance. If you're into more spoof horror, you can also check out Scary Movie 2 and Scary Movie 3. While I feel the series never could match the original for sheer entertainment - at least these spoofs are lightyears ahead of the the Superhero Movie, Meet the Spartans train wrecks.

You can find many more new releases on the FilmCrave New DVD Releases and FilmCrave New Blu-Ray Releases pages today.


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