New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases to Crave: Enjoy the Season of the Witch with a Beastly Sucker Punch

By Chris Kavan - 06/28/11 at 06:15 PM CT

Once again - depending on your taste in films, it may be a great week or one you can choose to ignore. This time the emphasis is heavy on fantasy and action, so if that's your genre of choice sit back and enjoy the show.

1) While I can honestly say I was disappointed in the overall product, I still have no problem making Sucker Punch my top pick out of the new releases. Zack Snyder has a knack for creating some snazzy digital worlds and Sucker Punch is full of them. The main problem is that despite the visual stimulation, not to mention awesome Gothic girl get-ups, the film still feels a bit empty. However, the music is fantastic even when the story falters.

2) If you haven't given up on Nicolas Cage yet, you might as well give him another chance with Season of the Witch. Granted a medieval historic drama seems a little odd of a choice, but hey, it's bound to be better than Wicker Man. I would probably give it a shot on rental, but my hopes aren't exactly high.

3) If martial arts combined with a western sounds interesting, Warrior's Way will be right up your alley. While it absolutely tanked at the box office at least the premise sounds a bit interesting. If you can have Cowboys & Aliens, why not cowboys and ninjas too?

4) Finally, if you like your fantasy to have a bit more romance with it, then check out the umpteenth version of Beauty and the Beast with Beastly. You can have this one all to yourself. I, for one, don't need yet another hip and edgy version of a classic story. I'll stick to the basics this time.

On the Blu-Ray front, I can finally enjoy one of the greatest trilogies of our generation with the release of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition). If you were one of those people who bought the theatrical releases, all I can say is it serves you right. I also blame the money-hungry studio as well - but supporting this practice only means it will happen again and again - as much as I love LOTR I hate double-dipping. So I'll enjoy it, but I can be a little bitter about it as well.

Also being released is Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. While I won't say it's the best anime movie ever, it is based on a great series.

Finally you have the dual board-game-gone-crazy films of Jumanji and Zathura. Jumanji is the better of the two by far while Zathura is much more suited to the kids.

You can find the scoop on all the new releases out today on the FilmCrave New DVD Releases and FilmCrave New Blu-Ray Releases pages today.


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