Angel Has Fallen and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

By Chris Kavan - 07/10/19 at 09:12 AM CT

Honestly, this is the kind of update I expected over the 4th of July period - short and sweet with not a lot to talk about. It hit a week later than expected, but this is a very brief update but, luckily, the ratings board threw me one bone: the third entry into the Gerard Butler/Morgan Freeman action fest Fallen franchise. It's not a lot, but it's enough, given there are a whopping four films in total. But that's all you're going to get and hopefully the coming weeks get us back to normal with some more robust updates.

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If you aren't an action movie fan, likely you skipped out on Olympus Has Fallen (Gerard Butler protects the White House from terrorists) and London Has Fallen (Gerard Butler protects London from even more terrorists) and will probably avoid the upcoming Angel Has Fallen (Gerard Butler IS the terrorist - or at least that's what everyone else thinks). Yup, Butler is back as the super secret service agent Mike Banning - and he's just talked with now-president Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) who wants to make Banning the new head of the entire Secret Service. But, of course, there is an assassination attempt right at the president's remote lakeside retreat and Banning is framed. Now he must rush to not only clear his name, but stop those responsible before they can get to the recovering president and finish the job. Danny Huston looks to play the new villain here and the cast is filled with talent: Jada Pinkett Smith, Piper Perabo, Lance Reddick, Tim Blake Nelson and Nick Nolte are on board. Nolte plays Banning's father - one of those loner types who is prepping for... something and based on the trailers - looks like he's going to need it. I liked the first two films well enough - not enough to watch this in theaters but certainly worth a look at home. Rated Rated R for violence and language throughout.

That's the only wide release this week, but be sure to check out the (brief) full MPAA Ratings Bulletin below:


Rated R for violence and language throughout.


Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, and some sexual content/nudity.


Rated PG-13 for thematic material.


Rated PG-13 for violence, language and some suggestive references.


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