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"The Sentinel" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 02/02/2012

When a conspiracy to assassinate the president is uncovered and seems to implicate veteran agent Michael Douglas, he is forced to discover the true culprit while on the run from his former colleagues. Yet another in a long line of generic Hollywood conspiracy thrillers, The Sentinel basically plays out like Jack Bauer and son tracking down "terrorists" whose reasons for murdering the president clearly aren't worth explaining. I'm not the biggest fan of Douglas but he is experienced enough to be able to do this kind of thing whilst standing on his head and Sutherland is doing what he does best; in fact, for the second half when Kiefer is let off the leash to get 24 on his ass, it's actually pretty entertaining. Being a Hollywood thriller, it is also blatantly obvious who the traitor is …

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