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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Perfect Stranger

Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/24/2007

I couldn't decide whether to give this a two-star or a three-star review (out of four stars). In some ways, I found it trying too hard to be something that simply isn't or it shouldn't be, but at times I found myself admiring its earnestness to be liked by everyone as it tried to pull major twists in the story. But I do know one thing: film critics were too harsh on this movie. I guess it's because A-list actors starred in this movie, such as Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. I'm the kind of critic that gives 99% of all movies equal chance to be "good," with A-list actors or otherwise. (Especially "otherwise" because I'm akin to lesser-known and/or unconventional films and actors.) Back to the film, there were some nice touches here and there such as the pattern of people not turning out who …

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