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Perfect Stranger (2007)

Perfect Stranger
Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/24/07

I couldn't decide whether to give this a two-star or a three-star review (out of four stars). In some ways, I found it trying too hard to be something that simply isn't or it shouldn't be, but at times I found myself admiring its earnestness to be liked by everyone as it tried to pull major twists in the story. But I do know one thing: film critics were too harsh on this movie. I guess it's because A-list actors starred in this movie, such as Bruce Willis and Halle Berry. I'm the kind of critic that gives 99% of all movies equal chance to be "good," with A-list actors or otherwise. (Especially "otherwise" because I'm akin to lesser-known and/or unconventional films and actors.) Back to the film, there were some nice touches here and there such as the pattern of people not turning out who you think they are. Still, I feel like the "ultimate" twist cheated a little bit because that particular "window" scene wasn't shown at us so that we could acquire our own conclusions. I think it would've been a lot better if the answer is in front us all along, like in "The Sixth Sense."

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