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Review - The Dream Master (1988)

Delorted - wrote on 03/25/2008

After Kristen Parker (Tuesday Knight) and her friends are killed by the newly resurrected Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund), Alice Johnson (Lisa Wilcox) unwillingly begins aiding Krueger in more killings. Now she must find the power to stand up to the evil spirit and put him to rest in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.”

I don't get this series. The quality from one to the next, as well as the mood, is so vastly different that the only things keeping them together are the characters and the basic premise. After the terrible “Dream Warriors,” I was really expecting “The Dream Master” to be a nightmare (no pun intended), but it turned out to be a pretty enjoyable flick. I hate that it took them four movies to find what worked best, but I'm glad that they found …

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Not a Good Follow-up

Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 08/28/2007

Renny Harlin is probably one of my favorite directors of movies that completely bomb or don't have that much of a following....but they are decent within their own right.

I guess this movie is no exception....although I do immediately have a little beef with the movie right from the start.

Recasting the main character from Part 3 with a different girl. They got the two other survivors for show up in this movie. Maybe Patricia Arquette was too big a name back in 1988??? But you just can't do that. Movies make the habit of changing actors for movies too often. If you can't get the person who played the role before...write a new damned script.

I don't remember a lot about this movie other than I thought it was rather ridiculous in terms of just a bland story and kills. …

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