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Subtle and intriguing, a work of art

filmfan09 - wrote on 01/13/2009

"I've never done anything violent to anybody, just the minimum that was necessary. No fear, no pain, they just go to sleep. But after it's done there's no going back, no second chance, if I made a mistake I'll pay for it."

Owen Wilson stars in this almost surreal thriller-drama about a different kind of serial killer who travels along the country to pick up innocent victims and poison them for their soul defects and obvious unhappiness. The storyline is very deep, but it never manages to top his impressive performance.
Owen Wilson, deserves kudos for this role, i didn't think that he'd be able to pull of a serious role, but he really suprised me in this movie.

The Minus Man is a very special film. It shows how subtlety can be more deeply disturbing and effective in telling a …

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