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Even early in his career Nick Cage was good

TheWolf - wrote on 08/03/2007

There isn't any way to describe this movie except a lighter, funnier, sappier version of Indecent proposal. Cage and Parker play off of each others characters very well, it seems as though they had been together as a couple for years. James Caan was absolutely great. This movie hooks you, in the first five minutes, and retains a fun atmosphere throughout. It doesn't hurt that the two main settings for the movie are Las Vegas and Hawaii. The movie will make you want to visit both places. It is also peppered with unforgettable funny characters amidst two great settings, one a non stop party(Vegas) and one stunning peaceful island beauty(Hawai).
It was a good comedy, and if you remember the previews for this movie as I do, you can remember hearing the words, "We're the flying Elvises"... a …

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