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Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
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Slow Burn That Could Use a Bit More Heat

Chris Kavan - wrote on 10/19/2020

Horror has seen a great resurgence of late and you don't need $100 million or more to make an effective film. This has led to some of the best the genre has to offer - but also plenty of pale imitations. Amulet, with its slow burn and creepy atmosphere lands somewhere right in the middle. It has its moments but never quite grips you the way you want.

When I say slow burn, Amulet takes a fair share of time to get to the horror portion. Much of the beginning of the film is dedicated to Tomas (Alec Secareanu), a veteran of war who is obviously suffering from some major PTSD trauma. Living homeless and taking on odd jobs just to survive, he is forced to tie his own hands before going to sleep and suffers from nightmare involving his past at a lonely outpost where he encounters a woman …

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