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You liked "The Lighthouse"? I guess you'll like th

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 06/28/2020

Okay, as far as I can see it, this…
this is payback!
For having to live the rest of my life with his face etched into my brain.

Every now and then I come across a completely unknown film I don’t really expect much from, despite the presence of a well-known sounding name, but which nevertheless pleasantly surprises me. “The Vanishing” is a thriller pur sang. A fictional story about a true event, namely the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers in 1900 who stayed on one of the Flannan islands on the west coast of Scotland. The three men James Ducat (Gerard Butler), Thomas Marshall (Peter Mullan), and Donald MacArthur (Connor Swindells) have never been found. Nobody had a real explanation and soon several speculations circulated. From a giant sea snake to giant seagulls. Or …

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