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Don't waste any time on this worthless movie

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 02/15/2018

“Mia, you shouldn’t have done that!
You have no idea who they are!”

“Acts of violence” is nothing more than a retarded, boring and totally implausible crime film in which serious topics such as PTSD and odious human trafficking are used as fait divers. In addition to the brainless content, I was constantly annoyed about, you can see for the umpteenth time the downfall of a former action hero. Bruce Willis manages to pick out one inferior, meaningless B-movie after the other. I guess these films only have to meet one requirement. And that is that he only needs to show up on the set for a few days. Again, his presence on the screen is limited to a mere ten minutes.

The reason for the outburst of excessive violence is the abduction of Mia (Melissa Bolona) who, during her …

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