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Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
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Long Shot Mostly Hits the Mark

Chris Kavan - wrote on 07/22/2019

If you asked me to pair up a male and female lead for a romance/political comedy - I can guess about a thousand combos I would have thought of before Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. But despite this crazy matchup, Long Shot is quite fun - and about halfway believable.

How does one go about pairing these two? It turns out Theron - the popular Secretary of State Charlotte Field to a wildly unqualified president, played by a perfectly preening Bob Odenkirk, in a none-too-veiled jab at the MAGA-in-chief, is hoping to make her own run at the presidency and hopes to gain the support of the president even while pushing her own ambitious environmental plan. Meanwhile, Rogen is a recently out-of-work journalist Fred Flarsky, who can do nothing as his left-leaning publication is bought out by …

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