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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
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The Book of Love - Review

Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/24/2017

"The Book of Clichés" is a much fitting title. An obvious joke to a paper fin movie.

I was actually interested in this for awhile since it's development. The cast was the real reason behind my anticipation, since I've seen great potential from them. Until you see the final product and realize you wasted a few years of your life.

There's nothing like actors you respect phoning it in with terrible accents. Especially from Maisie Williams who you clearly hear her actual accent slip in and out every time she yells. Really awful performance and it's a shame coming from a talented actress.

Sitting through this movie felt like work and failed to keep my attention. Every thing is so dull and cliché, you practically can see it all coming. At the end, it's just not worth it.

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