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shutterspeed777 - wrote on 04/24/2009

One of those "crossing over" movies. Almost always in this type of ghostly stories, the newly dead is hindered from crossing over into the light until the perpetrator has been put to justice. If that is the case in real life then we'd have a lot of whirling spirits waiting for AMERICA'S MOST WANTED to solve their cold cases. Cute but stupid. Wait in line, Casper! But the main hold as far SAM WHEAT (Patrick Swayze) was concerned was MOLLY (Demi Moore). MOLLY needs to hear the words "I LOVE YOU" from SAM. Those words that MOLLY never got to hear when SAM was still alive. WHOOPI GODLBERG did an outrageous job. I loved the scenes like in her seance meetings, her role as a bridge between SAM and MOLLY. Excruciatingly funny! Demi Moore was at one of her highest heights, and …

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