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A mainstream film with some superb acting

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 01/01/2016

"I never learned to cook because I thought my mother would always be there to cook for me. And then there was half the world between us. So I make my own food. Your point ? No point."

Driving lessons as a metaphor for life. An original way to highlight this. But just like the lessons in everyday life, this film is a bit slow and repetitive. Granted, you can actually compare this with life. In the beginning a lot goes wrong and you don't really know how to start and comprehend it all. But with a lot of practice and experience, you can cope with it. And sometimes it can go terribly wrong with misery as a result. So with perseverance, following good advice given and not violating too many rules, you could succeed. And you can come up with more things connected to ordinary life. But as I …

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