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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/17/2019

A little long, but "Mr Turner" mesmerizes the whole way through its lengthy runtime.

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Amy - wrote on 02/01/2015

In many respects an admirable movie: scrupulously correct with regards to language and production design, and some truely gorgeous shots of landscapes that might have inspired Turner. Plus the Ruskin bits were pretty entertaining. But overall, one got the impression that Turner's life wasn't that interesting. I'd heard very good things about Timothy Spall's acting, and thought he was a lock for a best actor nomination. I was surprised when he didn't get one, but watching half the movie has satisfied me that no grave injustice was done. You can tell he's giving it his all, but the result is a bit on the hammy side. A bit too much Peter Pettigrew for someone who was actually a real person.

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