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A sympathetic film from Yash Chopra

sreekirch - wrote on 11/20/2012

Late Yash Chopra called as King of Romance, promised that he would direct his last film. He gives us Jab tak hai jaan. A neat love story with good elements of surprise and a gripping screenplay. I would call it a feel good film. There is happiness, emotions and faith in God in this film’s plot. To surprise there are no bad guys in the film.
To be frank, deal is done with God.
A film that touches every sense, gives seriousness and remarkable life story of a bomb diffuser who does not wear his suit. Facing the challenge every time, he deals with God to keep him alive as long as possible. In a fight between life and death, his diary has all the past story of his young life. With all pain, he lives his life. Akira (Anushka Sharma) a super girl brave, finds Samar’s (Shahrukh Khan) …

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