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Andulamb - wrote on 10/02/2020

The movie never explains (unless I missed it) why the woman is a recluse. We know she hasn't come out of her room In three years except to use the bathroom. And at some point we notice that her forehead is scarred, which we can guess might be the reason she went into hiding. But there's one really nice touch that I was slow to pick up on: the woman has long hair, and the last eight to ten inches of it is a lighter color than the rest. It finally dawned on me that before she became a recluse she had medium-length hair that was dyed or bleached, and then the "incident" occurred and she never cut or colored her hair again. This detail doesn't help us understand what happened to her, but it makes her that much more real. There are lot of small touches like this In the movie - probably more …

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