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Camper - wrote on 07/02/2013

This came on TV the other day and I was like "Hey, I liked Chicago, maybe this will sort of be like that." It wasn't. It was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Christina Aguilera can sing but she really shouldn't act.

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DeryaBulk - wrote on 10/25/2012

Perfect, elegant and classy

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Rod - wrote on 05/13/2011

"Burlesque" is a musical drama of Ali (Christina Aguilera) who takes her chance on L.A. On that club which is threatened by a businessman. Until everyone have their eyes on Ali, waitress turned somebody doing the show on stage. I love musical. This one seems off the track. I can't convince myself Christina Aguilera's acting can go a long way- she's not terrible at least. Too much story in it. I'm sure the script was really for TV- not a movie. The production numbers worked well, but I only really appreciate were the "welcome to burlesque..." and the last song.

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patjohnson76 - wrote on 04/27/2011

Wow, is this an absolutely terrible movie. It may even rival Dinner for Schmucks as the worst of 2010. When it's not trying to be Chicago it's trying to be Moulin Rouge, and when it's not trying to be those it's trying to be Cabaret - all of which are much better films, and hell, Cabaret came out 40 years ago. You know it's bad when in the opening minutes Cher is onstage at a burlesque club, because lots of 60+ year old women perform at burlesque clubs. Featuring numerous cliches that nearly beat you to death with their lack of subtlety, terrible acting, and an annoying character at every turn, and you've got an entry in the movie-musical genre that is doing it's best to destroy the movie-musical genre.

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