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Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
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Paris, Je T’aime

Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/24/2007

The last story got to me so much and it became an instant favourite. Even though her French is far from perfect (she's an American tourist), she was still very relatable because of the issues she talked about and the moods she conjured: loneliness, hope, sadness, contentment; and she accomplished all of it in about five minutes. My other favourites include the artist (was the actor "Hannibal Rising"'s Gaspard Ulliel?) finding his soulmate and talking to him... and then there was a twist. Another great one was with Natalie Portman. There were so many costume changes, camera trickery, mystery, things that happened, and things that could have happened. Such segments prove that short films can be as or more powerful as full-feature films. This movie seriously made me want to take French …

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