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Jacob Ward
Jacob Ward
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Czech New Wave Cinema Overview

Jacob Ward - wrote on 11/11/2020

Closely Watched Trains is an international Czech new wave film that pushes the boundaries of the normal film experience. With the use of absurdism and surrealism, Jiri Menzel creates a great masterpiece.

The opening scene is one of the most important aspects of the film since it portrays the film theories well. The part where Milos is referring to his grandfather Vilem, the hypnotist, he mentions how he tried to stop a military tank using hypnotism. What is interesting about this concept is that Czech new wave cinema uses comedy in a different light than most film eras. Usually comedy is shown through other scenarios in this theory compared to other cinema styles.

The ending seemed to be very dark, but the experience watching the film was unlike anything I have seen before. This …

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