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Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
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Hard to Watch, Impossible to Look Away

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/29/2008

Going into The Girl Next Door without knowing what's coming is a tough proposition because even when you know what to expect, it doesn't make it any easier. Based on the novel by Jack Ketchum, which in turn is based on an true crime, The Girl Next Door follows a young boy, David and the new teen girl who has moved in next door.

It soon becomes apparent that this new home is not going to be a happy home. The family Matriarch, Ruth, and her three boys, start a cycle of punishment leading to abuse, degradation in a downward spiral that can only lead to one place. What makes it the worse is that all the neighborhood children know, and many participate, in the terrible acts and no one acts until it is much too late.

Some may fine this exploitive, as the story takes liberties with a …

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