The Shawshank Redemption Movie Plots

Movie Plots

During the innocent banker Andy's conviction, the film documents how he comes to thrive for hope and freedom.

Andy Dufrane is convicted of murdering his wife and lover and sent to Shawshank. While voicing his innocence, he is befriended by Redd (the guy that can get you anything). With the help of Redd, he is able to have Hope in the most dismal of situations. Based on a Stephen King short story. -- mdtinney

After being convicted of murdering his wife and lover, a man discovers what friendship and hope are really all about.

A young banker named Andy, has his life changed rapidly when he is convicted of the murder of his wife and lover, and sentenced to life in prison. As the story unfolds, Andy shows that he is a not a typical prisoner. With the help of his friend Redd, Andy makes the most of his prison life. The film takes place in the 1940's.

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