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Cell 211 ( Celda 211 )

Cell 211 (Celda 211) review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 09/07/13

Genuine, well-acted, skillfully directed and provocative. Juan Oliver accidentally gets injured. He is left inside cell 211. Malamadre is in charge of the prison break. Juan’s pregnant wife Elena gets concerned. Ulrilla fortuitously hurts Elena and Calzones finds out. One of the highlights of the movie was its screenplay with so many memorable lines: “Went a little far didn't you?” “Talking about it always helps.””We know what respect means.” “This is no way to treat a human being.” “Don’t believe the TV they always exaggerate.” “Children change your life.” and “I don’t want stuff. I want you.” The buildup of tension and suspense was spectacular, a few instances wherein the SWAT coming in and a missing walkie talkie. A particular flaw was letting a pregnant woman run, I’m sure any soon to be mothers would harm their baby. So many relevant topics touched such as maltreatment of inmates, lack of human compassion, life’s complexities, transformation, death, distrust, meeting demands for rights and an unlikely friendship. The style of direction was authentic and acting was realistic from each artist. Cell 211 is one of the underrated prison films that tells an engaging story coupled with sublime symbolism’s that touches on life and relationships.

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