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All the President's Men

All The President's Men review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 08/25/12

One of the best factual conspiracy press related films regarding a scandal related to the Watergate scandal. Engaging from start to finish because of it's method of presenting the story, it's politics and ability of the press to present the truth. A fairly new reporter Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and seasoned reporter Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) were assigned by their superior Ben Bradlee (Jason Robards) to cover and gather more information about the connection of the burglars to E. Howard Hunt, a former employee of the CIA, and President Richard Nixon's Special Counsel Charles Colson. Illegal fund raising were tackled including several personel involved in the Whitehouse. One of the best lines: Woodward - "I just don't get it; a CREEP secretary being scared, that's one thing. But what does the wife of one of the most powerful men in America have to be afraid of?" Bradlee - "Just be sure you're right...Leave plenty of room for his denial." and "All right, you made a mistake maybe, we all have, just don't make another. And watch your personal lives, who you hang around with. Someone once said the price of democracy is a bloodletting every ten years. Make sure it isn't our blood."

All the artists were believable, screenplay impressive and camera direction spectacular (from the overhead shots in the library, to the skyline and close-ups. Soundtrack, location and pace of the film were spectacular. Catching the authenticity, location and research conducted were delightful and insightful based on the special features. This is a flawless picture, All The President's Men touched on the subjects of confidentiality, power to influence, abuse of government positions, political agenda and persistence in getting the details of facts. This deservedly have been nominated for best picture while it was evident that Jason Robards clearly wins the best supporting actor award. Definitely on par with JFK when it comes to creating a thrilling political film.

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