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Monsters (2010)

Monsters review
Daniel Corleone - wrote on 11/21/11

The camera direction was very similar to Cloverfield. Samantha and Andrew friendship grew in a violent environment coupled with so many limitations to go to places which symbolizes political undertones. The haunting score brings the thrilling scenes life. The effects and set locations were realistic. If only there were more variety to the octopus like creatures, better character build-up and exciting moments, then I would have rated this much higher. The cinematography, acting and soundtrack was phenomenal, if only the screen play was better. Lines like "I'm going to be a meteorologist, because it's the only job where I can be wrong every day, and not get fired." and "I don't want to go home." make the film worthwhile. The ending was definitely worth waiting for and Monsters could have been way better than its output, still was a nice journey with a fitting end.

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