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Ghost World

Ghost World: A World of Brilliance
Keegon - wrote on 02/01/08

Terry Zwigoff brilliantly brings Daniel Clowes' satiric graphic novel to screen and creates what is one of my favorite films of all time. Everything about this film is absolutely perfect. The characters and plot are executed so effectively in Zwigoff's direction and in the brilliant script that he and Clowes wrote together that the film itself makes you wonder why more films aren't this great. The added bonus is, of course, a cast that truly captures the essence and humor of their characters while still making them starkly real and relatable.

The cast is led by Thora Birch as Enid, the wise-cracking high school graduate who isn't sure where her life is headed. Birch's performance speaks volumes about her character. It really is a shame that she hasn't been as prominent in Hollywood as she was only six or seven years ago. Birch is accompanied by Scarlett Johannson who plays the role of Rebecca, Enid's sarcastic, but more driven friend. Johannson displays a genuine talent with comedy here and the two stars have a great chemistry that makes them believable as best friends. Steve Buscemi plays Seymour, a man characterized by his unrivaled weirdness and tormented by his own failures with women and his pathetic obsessions with music. Buscemi is a standout in the cast. His performance is spot on and though this is a role Buscemi has played over and over again throughout his is in this film that he really hits his stride. Illeana Douglass also deserves note for her utterly hilarious portrayal of the art teacher who teaches Enid in summer school. Her scenes are some of the funniest in the entire film.

It is my belief that Ghost world should be mandatory viewing for anyone with a passion for film or even an interest in good storytelling. This film has just the right amount of comedy and drama, so it is always compelling. It holds up extremely well on repeat viewings and it never ceases to amuse. It is an absolutely brilliant film.

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