Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Superman II

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Superman II

Superman 2 stays good but has problems
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 03/11/09

A fairly good sequel to Superman which is one of my favorite films. If it was the Donner cut I would have given it a better review because it gets rid of some of the problems with this film. The problems are the over cartoonish western town which distracts from the villains. Zod is a fairly good villain but I feel he acts too naively compared to the superior Lex Luthor who I wish would just kill em. The other problem is the fight scenes are dated and there are those necessary slap stick scenes during the fight that take way from it. Then there are those extra powers Superman gets at the end that seem sudden and haphazard. It is good still because it has some of the charm of the first one, the original players are all still good and certain scenes work very well namely the encounter with the bully. So some bad things some good things, but the Donner version tilts things even better in the good way.

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