Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Sleuth (1972)

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Sleuth (1972)

Ichabod Crane - wrote on 03/11/09

A very interesting and fun film to watch, just to see were it goes since the performances are both superb. It works I think because it is comedic and the transitions away from that actually work and do not seem to forced. The second half could have been shortened a bit but on a whole it is great.

Oscar Nominee Best Actor Laurence Olivier 5/5- Oliver is great in this role and beats Caine in every single scene even when Caine has the upper hand according to the story. Every look and vocal change he uses is great and he never does a wrong thing in the whole film entertaining and effective throughout.

Oscar Nominee Best Actor Michael Caine 4/5- Caine is good like he always is but he is overshadowed by Olivier in every scene. He never manages to beat Olivier even though he remains good throughout he just never beats him. Although he still does a great job

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