Ichabod Crane's Movie Review of Daredevil

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Does not live up to the source material.
Ichabod Crane - wrote on 03/04/09

Terrible film about a great comic when written by Frank Miller. And this movie is trying to emulate Frank Miller's comics but it fails completely. The scene that emulates the comic is very poorly done and forced. The action is either over done or oddly done like the fight in the park that is just stupid. Ben Affleck brings nothing to Daredevil who could be interesting but is not in this movie, which adds him killing although he suddenly stops in the end for no real reason. Elektra in the movie is the worse offensive since she is so complicated in the comic but incredibly simplified in this. Bullseye is okay but too over the top and not really scary like he could be. Kingpin is finely played but the story makes not sense, especially how daredevil beating him up makes it so he is taken done alone. Not to mention how bad that fight looks especially when Kingpin throws Daredevil and he oddly spins. Dardevil could be well made crime drama but instead is just a poorly made and odd action movie with names of people involved in the comic randomly thrown in.

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