Franz Patrick's Movie Review of The Savages (2007)

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The Savages (2007)

Showcases Complex Characters
Franz Patrick - wrote on 07/11/08

This is an extremely enjoyable film because even though the characters are so flawed, one cannot help but care for them because they are multi-layered. It's not that hard to connect with them because we all have our vanities and self-indulgences. Not to mention that some of the most serious times of our lives can also be the funniest when we reflect upon them. Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman are dynamite together. It's so much fun watching two great actors interact because I feel like they strive to top one another after each scene. This is definitely a dark comedy because one can't help but snicker during the serious moments. That tickle that one wants to supress because the characters are miserable is just too delicious to deny. The script is well-written and the tone is spot-on. It's a small film but it doesn't try to be too indie or too different. The only problem I had with it is its running time: I think about fifteen minutes should've been cut out. Nonethless, this is a solid film worth renting and it perfectly showcases complex characters.

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