Franz Patrick's Movie Review of 21

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Really (3x) Liked It!
Franz Patrick - wrote on 06/18/08

I saw this film for two reasons: I love movies that have something do to with cards and Jim Sturgess. Counting cards is an interesting idea and I must say that I was really into it when the wheels started spinning. The best scenes were when the characters played and the audiences hoping that everything would go right (of course something eventually goes wrong). Who hasn't dreamed about being the system in those Las Vegas casinos? Jim Sturgess impressed me in "Across the Universe" even though that film wasn't very good. So, I wanted to see him in a decent movie and how he would carry his character. This film is more than I was hoping for because I found myself relating with the character. I, too, plan on going to medical school and money is definitely an issue. This picture made me want to learn how to count cards and put my talent into action so I could cash in. Even though that dream only lasted for about an hour, it is always fun to interact with a movie, thus it earned my respect. Moreover, I believed that all of the characters are smart (and stupid) in their own ways because each of the actors delivered with such finesse. I am aware of the whole "race thing," about a white person playing a non-fiction Asian person. Personally, as an Asian, I don't care. As long as a decent movie is made, I am honestly more than happy. Oh, and did I mention that Kate Bosworth looks great? Definitely do not miss this one.

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