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August Rush

Loved It!
Franz Patrick - wrote on 05/22/08

To sum it all up: I felt the magic. I expected to like this film but I never expected that I would end up loving it. I thought the first hour or so was pretty good but everything got so much more interesting when the three main characters started go get closer to one another. There were definitely moments when I wanted to yell, "He's your father! He's your son!" at the screen because I wanted the family to finally get together because they've been longing for each other for a decade! Of course, we all know how it's going to end: the seemingly disparate characters will end up together. If they did not, that would be a complete rip-off. Still, the old-fashioned formula worked well. I also like the fact that the music is integral to this film. In fact, it almost becomes a character to the point where I was wishing for a majestic score after each important scene. I have heard complaints about the last two to three shots of the film. I thought it was perfectly rendered because we know what was to happen next. I must give kudos to the actors. Robin Williams was a villanous S-O-B but I'm glad he was there to increase the ante. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was somewhat one-dimensional but I forgave him for it because I liked his accent. Keri Russell is heartbreaking and I truly felt her longing while searching for her long lost son. Freddie Highmore continues his great work as a teary-eyed, deeply optimistic kid. I sense that he's growing comfortable in such roles so I kind of want to see him play some sort of villain next time. Overall, it was a joy watching to his movie because I felt like everything was in perfect harmony (not to mention inspiring!). I might have to buy the soundtrack because it was so majestic.

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