Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Rendition

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Strong Acting, Weak Execution
Franz Patrick - wrote on 04/19/08

It's really too bad it bombed at the box office. Although imperfect due to its many uneven parts, it still has something to say about certain new policies that the United States have had since September 11, 2001. What I did not like most about this film is its all too predictable dabble with time. I thought that was a bit forced, unnecessary and distracting because it makes the audience think of the past hour and a half rather than focus on what is happening or what is going to happen. If one is not into the accuracy of politics presented in this film, there are many fascinating performances here. Jake Gyllenhaal barely said a word, but when he did, he uttered them with so much power and finesse. I think he flourishes when he plays silent characters with dark sides to them. I hope he continues picking roles, such as his character in this film, because he's so talented; he deserves to be in serious films. Another great one here is Meryl Streep. I love it when she plays cold but powerful women. Every line she has, she lets out with so much elegance, it's like silk caressing my ears. On the other hand, they could have used Reese Witherspoon a lot more. One can see hints of great acting whenever she's on screen but it never really blossomed. For those who did not catch it in theaters but were interested in the trailers, they should check this one out on DVD.

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