Franz Patrick's Movie Review of For the Bible Tells Me So

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For the Bible Tells Me So

Franz Patrick - wrote on 04/16/08

This film almost made me cry multiple times because there were elements here that were all too familiar before I came out: the feelings of sadness, anger, regret, loneliness, fear, and most of all, unconditional love and acceptance. One of the many factors I love about this film is that it manages to analyze those certain (questionable) passages from the Bible regarding homosexuality, not saying that the Bible is bad or evil, but how people use it as a weapon in order to justify their own prejudice and hatred of various types of people, specifically homosexuals. I like that those excerpts were taken from historical and current point of views, both by men and women of religion and science, gay, straight people and everything inbetween. What all of it comes down to is that the analysis comes from people who have specialized on studying the Bible and the elements that come with it. This picture is inspiring in so many levels, such as how people can evolve from one side to another through experiencing both gifts and tragedies. Best of all, what I love is the idea that God is accepting of everyone--that he loves everyone who feels different or doesn't feel like they belong anywhere. I'm not religious, but that is such a universal (and/or metaphorical, if one doesn't believe in a higher power) message to the point where it really touched something deep inside me. (I was brought up a Catholic. I consider myself as an Agnostic.) Evidence are abound that people are taking the Bible so literally and selectively reading--how all of that shape the way people perceive and act around homosexuals. Finally, the images of hate messages and gay bashing are so devastating, though it hurts, it's hard to look away. This is one of the most touching films I've seen in a while. I want to get it on DVD so I can recommend and show it to people who believe that the Bible is something that directly influences the way people think.

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