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A Film I Learned to Love
Franz Patrick - wrote on 02/16/08

I actually saw this picture about four times now because I failed to see a timeless psychological thriller time and time again. I guess four is the magic number because I now see what the hype is all about. Kudos to Brad Pitt for making light of serious situations and Morgan Freeman for providing a character that we can root for from beginning to end. The dialogue is crisp and often has double meanings; things that are unsaid are equally powerful such as the characters' body languages and the secrets that they keep in their eyes. Even though everyone knows the ending, for me, that's not what made this movie so good. It was the journey and how as each minute passes by, the stakes get higher and higher to the point of overkill. I can't believe I'm about to say it: I love this movie!

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BryanFury - wrote on 02/16/08 at 06:57 PM CT

Se7en Review comment

Since I'm a big fan of gore, I would have loved it to see Gwyneth's head on that box. We did not even see a drip of blood or a strand of hair, nothing of hers was shown. By the way technically the body count was 8 because of the unborn child.

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