Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Election (1999)

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Election (1999)

Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/24/07

Tracy Flick will always be one of those film characters that you will love and hate because people like her do exist. They're irritating yet you can't help but admire them for their willingness to be the best. I guess there's a Tracy Flick in all of us. At times, when placed in dire situations that can make or break our futures, we are willing to sabotage, lie, and cheat in order to win. It's what makes us human--survival of the fittest. This is an edgy, witty satire in so many levels--high school, politics, stereotypes. But I have to highlight the Coke/Pepsi joke that was introduced in the beginning of the film and appeared again in the end. Not to mention there's a lot of one-liners here that are worth quoting because they ring true and are timeless. This is the type of movie that you have to see twice or more because there are little jokes that may otherwise go unnoticed the first time around.

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