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One of the Best Animated Films of 2008
Franz Patrick - wrote on 12/01/08

I’m surprised how fun this movie was considering it’s not made by Pixar. From beginning to end, it was able to provide its audiences unabashed cuteness, genuine laughter, and heart. All of the components of the film seemed to fit together like an intricate but highly rewarding puzzle. The voices of Bolt (John Travolta) and Penny (Miley Cyrus) are recognizable but never distracting; the soundtrack in each momentous scene manages to touch the right emotions; the jokes are wide-ranging (considering it comments on the inner-workings of Hollywood) but never out-of-place; and the story offers something for kids, adults, and everything inbetween. Not to mention the supporting characters, Mittens (Susie Essman) and Rhino (Mark Walton), are as interesting as the main characters. What made this film that much more enjoyable and interesting for me was its references to spy films and television shows, movies like “The Truman Show,” “Superman,” and “Finding Nemo,” and its focused theme of losing one’s innocence via going on an adventure (the symbolism regarding Bolt’s black thunder on his white fur is both simple and thoughtful). The lessons about friendship and the balance between self-reliance and evaluating the right time to ask for help were never hammered into the viewers’ heads. This is the first feature film that I saw in 3-D and I was nothing short of amazed. Even though it may not be necessary, it definitely enhances one’s viewing experience. I highly recommend “Bolt” and even go as far to say that it should be nominated for an Oscar. Even though it’s not as exemplary as “WALL-E,” it’s just as fun to watch because it’s creative, highly energetic, and it makes one feel good even after the credits finish rolling.

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just61331 - wrote on 12/12/08 at 09:06 PM CT

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I almost cried throughout the whole movie and i could not look away for a second the best movie i've ever seen I cannot wait until it is out on dvd!!!! :)

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