Franz Patrick's Movie Review of The Mothman Prophecies

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The Mothman Prophecies

Slow But Eerie
Franz Patrick - wrote on 11/06/08

This film was supposedly based on a true story but there were many things about it that were so unbelievable, it was borderline science fiction. Still, I managed to focus on the film’s skill to entertain and effectiveness to thrill rather than its validity. The story kind of reminded me of a stand alone episode of “The X-Files” to the point where I expected Mulder and Scully to eventually appear on screen to help Richard Gere and Laura Linney solve the mystery. There were many questions that were raised, particularly during the first half, but almost none of them were ever answered clearly. It’s as if the filmmakers decided to put together one creepy scene after another without adding up to anything concrete. So, I would definitely say that there’s no reason for this picture to run for two hours. Nonetheless, there were two standout scenes for me: the phone call right before the film’s first hour and the disaster in the end. Other than those two scenes, I found the rest to be the kinds of scenes that can be seen in other thrillers. I did like the perfomances from Gere and Linney, but I wish Debra Messing had more things to do other than be happy or sad. What this film excelled in was the bleak atmosphere that gave me goosebumps from time to time. Ultimately, I won’t recommend this picture to anyone with short attention spans and to those who are not comfortable with unclear answers.

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