Franz Patrick's Movie Review of Get Smart

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Get Smart

Pretty Smart, Great Cast
Franz Patrick - wrote on 08/28/08

I think this film pretty much got everything right. It could have been a little less silly at times to make room for some character development but as an action-comedy picture, it’s well-done. Steve Carell makes me laugh every time he’s on screen. He could be just standing in one spot and not doing anything yet he never fails to make me laugh. Imagine him actually doing something funny; I’d be on the floor rolling with laughter. Anne Hathaway, too, did a really good job because she provided some sort of seriousness and much-needed girl power. It would have been nice to see a female nemesis for Hathaway to fight, though. I’m actually surprised by the balance of action and comedy. Some scenes that stood out for me were a combination of both genres: the bathroom in the plane, the dance duel, and final action sequences. Granted, there’s nothing particularly original about this movie but somehow it feels refreshing because it’s so earnest and the humor is really good-natured. Think of it as “Austin Powers” but about seven to ten times smarter (and more well-paced). By the end of the film, it felt like it went full circle and we get to appreciate it because we got to see the main characters’ journey. This movie was a lot of fun to watch so I say definitely see it.

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