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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Funny All Around
ccbanker - wrote on 06/30/10

What can I say about Steve Martin and John Candy? They are great together? They are great individuals on and off the screen? Regardless, I have seen this movie so many times that I sometimes annoy people when I regurgitate lines from the movie or when I relate normal life to scenes that happened in the movie. One great example is one of the opening scenes when Martin is rushing to get to the airport after an arduous sales meeting. We've all been there, where someone or something adds to the stress of a non-typical day. Three incidents of note happen when Martin is outsmarted by Kevin Bacon, taken advantage of by an attorney, and robbed of a cab by Candy, all within a few moments. The agony only builds from there for Neal Page.

The supporting cast is incredible too. Carol Bruce, Michael McKean, Kevin Bacon, Dylan Baker and Larry Hankin just to name a few. A funny film with an even funnier premise, because we've all had these type of days.

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