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Cruel Intentions

Intentional Cruelty
DivineTragedy92 - wrote on 05/30/10

Directed by Roger Kumble
Starring Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Joshua Jackson, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eric Mabius

If you want a clever, smart, and wickedly sexy film with a bunch of extremely attractive people, then this film is for you. Cruel Intentions follows a seductive but scandalous young man named Sebastian Valmont who makes a deal with his ruthless step-sister, Kathryn. If he can bed Annette, a virgin girl who believes it is important to wait until she finds true love, then Sebastian will get what he has long desired. Sex with Kathryn.

This film has a simple premise but it's so well written and flawlessly acted that it quickly becomes so much more than a mere dirty-minded sex comedy. Sure it has it's share of dirty humor and bad behavior, which is part of it's wicked charm, but it also has meaning and emotion. This film is a love story about a cruel young man who eventually falls for a girl he was originally trying to destroy. For the first half of this film, it feels like a cruelly funny drama about cruel people, but it slowly evolves into an emotional and ultimately devestating romance.

Ryan Phillippe achieves absolute perfection as Sebastian. He has the sex appeal and wicked personality needed to bring this character to life and he does so perfectly. Sebastian is by far Ryan's best role and I highly doubt he will ever find another character as interesting and captivating as Sebastian. Sarah Michelle Gellar is Kathryn, Sebastian's step-sister. Sarah is the standout of the film because she is the sexiest and most ruthless character in the film. She's beautiful and fun to watch as she takes pleasure in destroying nearly everyone around her. Kathryn is a selfish character who is addicted to causing chaos and having control over people. A fun but sadistic character to watch. Reese Witherspoon is the innocent virgin girl, Annette. Reese possesses the innocence and charm that makes the character so lovable. She plays the part so well that you begin to feel sorry for her because she's being taken advantage of by ruthless people, but that changes after Sebastian falls in lover with her. One character I really enjoyed was Cecile played by Selma Blair. This character is goofy and quirky in an extremely sexy kind of way, plus Selma Blair is beautiful and very talented. Joshua Jackson makes a nice appearance as a funny gay boy.

Overall, Cruel Intentions is a classic and one of my favorite films. It needs to be seen, it's a masterpiece. This film is pure brilliance and nothing short of spectacular...

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