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Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs, aka Overact Much?
LeeAnn M. - wrote on 03/17/12

I loved the premise of this movie, that love conquers all obstacles. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jamie, a slacker who thinks he is a gift for all women. After indiscretions at work get him fired, Jamie decides to prove his family wrong for calling out his caveman ways by going to pharmaceutical sales training. Jamie eventually meets Anne Hattaway's Maggie, a young artist weighed down with Parkinson's Disease. Jamie and Maggie fall in love, and Jamie wants to do everything medically possible to "cure" Maggie. Maggie eventually feels like love is not Jamie's motivation and pushes him away because she does not want to be a burden to Jamie's career.
This movie had some great scenes, funny moments, and great lines. The only problem with the whole movie is that every single actor in the movie is over acting, giving the movie a melodramatic feel and making it seem like a Lifetime special instead of a Saturday night date.
The best part of the film is the last ten minutes. This movie would have been great if only it had a different director. Yes, love did conquer all, but it felt so exhausting getting there.

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