Rod's Movie Review of Constantine

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He was destined to stay on Earth.
Rod - wrote on 03/12/12

John Constantine, an exorcist whose job is specifically to send demons to hell has the ability to cross over hell and fight against demon spirits roaming on earth. He meets investigator Angela, but that doesn't stop his work. He works much more instead to uncover what's behind the death of Angela's twin sister.


To tell you honestly, I didn't understand the whole film. The movie is watchable in terms of its stylish effects and interesting plot, but what would actually keep audience watching is to get the whole point of this movie- oh well, at least that is my case. Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz are both good to watch, and it is good to see Shia LaBeouf here. All the thrilling were good but not everything worked on the effects. Visual effects were like "no, please."

Reeves with an interesting plot. This is all what I saw in the movie.

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